July Beauty and Lifestyle Favourites


Hi there! It has been so long since I’ve been able to write a blog post as A-Levels basically took over my life! However my exams are all over now and so I’m hoping that I’m going to be able to blog a lot more frequently over the Summer. I started writing this post a few weeks ago so even though I’m calling this post my July favourites, I just want to talk about all the things I’ve been loving since April as I feel like I’ve been gone for ages! Anyway, I hope that you like this post and I can’t wait to publish more over the next few weeks.


Rimmel Lasting Finish Primer – £6.99

My skin was sdull over the winter months and although I was hoping it would improve as the weather got brighter, it suffered due to the stress of exam season. However this primer helps me achieve the glowy, healthy look that I’m after and helps my makeup stay put all day long.


Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Pans – £4.95 each

I’ve received so many compliments from friends in recent months about my eyeshadow and although I wish I could say I’ve just got better at my smokey eye skills, I think I really just need to thank Makeup Geek for making wonderful eyeshadows. The smooth blendable formulas allow you to effortlessly create any eye look in minutes and they are so pigmented and last so long – even on nights out where my eyeshadow would usually be smudged everywhere by 10pm.

Ardell Demi Wispies Lashes (£5.49) and Duo Lash Glue Dark (£5.49)

These have always been my favourite lashes however I’ve worn them more often than usual this month, I’ve gone through five pairs! The lashes themselves are too long for my lash line however this is easily fixed by trimming them slightly and once on, they pull my eye shadow look together so nicely! The lashes come with a little tube of Duo Clear/White lash glue which I take out with me just in case, however for applying them, I use the black Duo lash glue which sticks them down so well and I’ve not had them come loose on me at all during a night out. As long as you ensure that the lash glue is spread evenly when you apply it to the lash, leave it for 30 seconds to go tacky and then apply it straight to the lash with tweezers, they will should all night!



Black Magic & Junk Food Forever – The Amazons

I’d heard The Amazons’ other songs on Radio 1 and through social media a couple of times in the past and always thought ‘ooh I must check them out’ and never actually got round to it. However a couple of months ago I heard Black Magic on R1 and loved it and I opened my Spotify straightaway and added it to my ‘current faves’ playlist. I haven’t got round to listening to all of their stuff in full yet but I will be doing as I think I’m going to see them at the festival I’m going to soon.

Strangers feat. Lauren Jauregui, Now or Never & Bad At Love – Halsey 

I feel as though we were waiting for Hopeless Fountain Kingdom for so long, and now that its finally out I can’ say it was definitely worth the wait. The album is very different from her debut album Badlands in the sense that it follows more of a story of a romance and all the highs and lows of being in a relationship with a very Romeo and Juliet kind of vibe to it. Badlands was set in an alternative universe and was very dark for the majority of the record which I’d loved, and whilst HFK is still dark pop, it seems to be a little lighter than her debut which I’m also a fan of. Strangers and Now or Never are my firm favourites after having the album on repeat for about a month now, which I kind of hate myself for as these are the singles from this album and I wish I could love the rest just as much but Bad At Love is the only other one that comes close.

The Louvre, Sober & Supercut – Lorde 

This another album that I was so excited for as Pure Heroine, Lorde’s Debut Album, is one of my all time favourites. Prior to Melodrama’s release, Lorde released four singles from the album; Green Light, Liability, Perfect Places and Sober; all of which I loved.  My favourite of the singles was definitely Sober although I do think that The Louvre and Supercut would have been better singles and I’ll admit that I do like all the songs on the album which is rare for me these days! The record has a dark pop mood similar to that of Pure Heroine and HFK however I do find that I relate to Lorde’s songwriting and her experiences far more than Halsey’s, making this album more favourable for me over HFK however this doesn’t mean that it is a better record necessarily.

IDGAF, Genesis & Dreams – Dua Lipa

Dua’s album is another favourite of mine and I think I loved it from my first listen. I found Dua after the release of her single ‘Hotter Than Hell’ and from then on, I’ve been following her music and I went to see her live in April where she debuted a lot of the songs that would be on the album. I’d absolutely loved Genesis and New Rules live so I’m so glad that I can now listen to the studio versions which are just as good, if not better. The pop album tells the story of Dua’s relationship like HFK, however it has a much lighter mood and consists of both love and breakup songs but with an upbeat feel, making it the perfect Summer album!

Sorry and Amsterdam – Nothing But Thieves 

It has been almost two years since the release of Nothing But Thieves’ debut album and seen as I was a huge fan at the time (and still am!), I’ve really missed the hype of hearing their new music and seeing them live whilst they’ve been recording their new album for the first half of this year. Amsterdam was released in May as the band’s first single from their follow-up record and I think it is such a banger and I love listening to it before going out, despite the slightly dark tone to it. However, Sorry, which was released last week is my favourite of the two. The song starts slow and has a very moody feel however the song picks up from the chorus whilst the dark vibe continues, and I think that this may replace my previous NBT favourites.


Clique – BBC iPlayer

My Mum and I stumbled across this on BBC iPlayer a few weeks ago when desperately looking for something to watch late at night and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting much as I’d seen the trailer and it didn’t look that great. But oh my, this is SO gripping! The plot is so strange, it follows the lives of two girls, a year older than myself, who have gone to university and the ‘clique’ that they become involved in. Some of the themes are quite dark, including drugs and suicide, just as a pre-warning, but beyond that, the storyline keeps your mind ticking over every week wondering what will happen to the two girls now that they have joined the clique.

*update* I’ve now finished the series, and in some ways, I was surprised and shocked at the ending, but I’m most curious about whether or not they’ll make a second series or not as the final scene left me questioning whether or not there could be more to Holly’s story.

Fleabag – BBC iPlayer

I’ll admit, this one takes a while to warm up to, as I don’t think the first episode is the best, but if you stick with it, this is actually a brilliant comedy series. Seen as its only six short(ish) episodes, I binged watched these one evening and found it to be absolutely hilarious! Nicknamed ‘Fleabag’, the lead character is absolutely bonkers and I found myself crying-laughing at her bluntness towards everyone and anyone she meets – if you love comedy, or need a pick me up, give this a go, and let me know what you think!

Stranger Things – Netflix

I’m finally nearing the end of Stranger Things and I have to say I’m now glued to it. At first, I was a little confused and undecided as to whether I actually enjoyed it as I have never really been into Sci-Fi shows, however I have really liked it and found it to be really gripping, and I’m looking forward to the new series coming out later this year.

What have you been loving this month?

Kathryn x



Nothing But Thieves Review


On Thursday, I got to go and see one of my favourite bands, Nothing But Thieves for the eleventh time! I know it seems ridiculous to go and see the same band eleven times in two years, but they are seriously so amazing live and I always have so much fun at their gigs. If you haven’t heard of them yet, I strongly suggest you check them out on Youtube.


They opened the show with one of their biggest hits to date, Itch and proceeded to play the majority  of their debut album (setlist below) with a couple of exceptions. I was so pleased that they played Hanging and Honey Whiskey particularly as these are songs that are exclusive to their deluxe album and I fell in love with these songs hearing them live way before the album was released.


The band also played a couple of new songs, named ‘Get Better’ and ‘Design’ as a teaser of the new album that Conor announced would be being recorded in January next year. I particularly liked ‘Get Better’ as it was reminiscent to their other material and sounded very much like them, whereas Design was has a slightly different tone to it, so I look forward to hearing what the rest of the second album is like.


The ‘Under My Skin’ Tour Setlist:

  1. Itch
  2. Honey Whiskey
  3. Hostage
  4. Hanging
  5. Get Better
  6. Graveyard Whistling
  7. Six Billion
  8. Painkiller
  9. Drawing Pins
  10. Design
  11. If I Get High
  12. Excuse Me
  13. Wake Up Call


  1. Lover, Please Stay
  2. Trip Switch
  3. Ban All the Music
Who are your favourite band?

Kathryn x

5 Underrated Bands


1) Sundara Karma 

Photo by DIY Magazine

I first discovered Sundara Karma back in January following the release of their single ‘Loveblood’. Soon after, they released ‘A Young Understanding’ which I also loved as it reminded me of my favourite band of all time, The Killers. Their most recent release, ‘She Said’ is also a huge indie hit and makes me even more impatient for the release of their debut album ‘Youth is only ever fun in retrospect’ in January. They also announced a tour on Monday so I’m hoping I can see them again next year as they were outstanding when I saw them support Nothing But Thieves earlier this year.

My Favourite Songs: A Young Understanding, Loveblood, She Said

2) Twin Wild

Photo by Play It Again Sam

I have adored Twin Wild ever since I saw them live for the first time in March 2015. Since then, I have seen them 3 times and they never fail to impress. I am so obsessed with their first two singles ‘Fears’ and ‘Another Stranger’ even to this day and their new EP ‘My Heart’ proves that they really are a great band who can both write and perform, and most definitely aren’t a one hit wonder, they’re here to stay.

My Favourite Songs: Another Stranger, Fears, Willow Tree

3) Black Foxxes

Photo by Clash Magazine

I have only seen Black Foxxes live once, when they supported Nothing But Theives at the Dome in London, and at the time, I had no idea who they were or what kind of music they produced. I wasn’t really attracted to their music until the release of their debut album ‘Whatever let’s you cope’ back in summer, and this record has helped me through a really rough patch over the past few months and I’ve developed quite a personal attachment to it. On first listen, it may just sound like a load of noise and guitars, but if you take the time to listen and analyse the lyrics on each track, you will soon realise these guys are great songwriters and they are so much fun to watch perform too.

My Favourite Songs: HUSK, Whatever Lets You Cope, I’m Not Well

4) Witterquick

Photo by Fortitude Magazine

These are yet another band I have seen support Nothing But Thieves and been impressed by. NBT are great at picking support acts aren’t they? These guys are honestly really great live and although they haven’t released much music yet, I thoroughly recommend that you give them a listen on Spotify or SoundCloud because they deserve so much more recognition and praise than they receive.

My Favourite Songs: Soldiers, Rise, Fade Out

5) Fatherson 

Credit to fathersonband.co.uk

Fatherson are another band, like Twin Wild that I have been obsessed with for so long, yet they are so underrated and deserve so much more praise than they get. I’m a little biased because they’re Scottish (all my family are)  and they are mates with one of my favourite bands ever, Twin Atlantic, but they have been so consistent in making really great rock albums that aren’t only a loud noise, but have substance and meaning to the songs. I finally got to see them perform last November when they supported Prides on their UK tour, and I can confirm that they are just as good live.

My Favourite Songs: An Island, I Like Not Knowing, Kiteers

Who are your favourite underrated bands?

Kathryn x



New Music Finds – Summer Playlist


Hi there! I apologise for the lack of posts lately, I’ve been experiencing extreme bloggers block! However, when I was looking through my latest blog posts a few days ago, I noticed that I haven’t done a music/playlist type of post for ages except for my favourite albums of 2016 post and I’ve found so much new music that I love since my last Spring Playlist post which can be found here.

Here are the songs I’ve been loving over summer:

1) Closer – The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey


2) WILD – Troye Sivan ft. Alessia Cara


3) Cool Girl – Tove Lo


4) Couldn’t Believe – Broods


5) Be The One – Dua Lipa


6) Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya


7) The Chaser – Twin Atlantic


8) Open Arms – RKCB, Demo Taped


9) Cruel – Snakehips ft. Zayn


10) Twice – Catfish and The Bottlemen


11) Heartlines – Broods


12) My Heart – Twin Wild


13) 4AM – Huntar

4AM - Single

14) Wild Things – Alessia Cara


15) All Night – Chance The Rapper, Knox Fortune


16) Never Be Like You – Flume ft.Kai

Flume - Never Be Like You (feat_ Kai) - Single (2016) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

Which songs have you been loving lately?

Kathryn x


T In The Park – Best 5 Sets

I was lucky enough to attend T In The Park Festival in Scotland last weekend and as a huge music fan, I was in my element with the amount of different artists on. Here are my top picks of those acts I got to catch during the festival:

The 1975


I was so thrilled to see my favourite band in the world for the second time on Saturday night. They always surpass my already high expectations and they put on the most amazing show. Their set was filled with their biggest hits like Chocolate and The Sound, some from their debut album like You and some more emotional songs including fallingforyou and one of my absolute favourites, Robbers. They are so entrancing and moving to see live and I’d reccomend anyone to see them live at least once if they have the chance, whether you are a fan or not.

Catfish & The Bottlemen

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I saw Catfish at Leeds last year when they completely packed out the NME/Radio 1 Tent and it was so busy I could barely breathe. However, despite that, what I saw and heard made me only want to see them live again and again, and luckily enough, they were playing just before The 1975 on Saturday. Although I will admit I haven’t yet listened to their latest album ‘The Ride’ in full, I have heard some of their new songs. On Saturday they played all of their hits from their first album, as well as some from their new release including ‘Anything’ which I loved and has left me desperate to sit and do nothing but listen to their latest album in full as soon as possible.


Processed with VSCO with g3 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

Although I only knew a couple of songs of theirs, I decided to go along and watch them anyway due to my knowledge of their popularity, and surely, they have to be well liked for some reason, right? I can safely say I now fully understand why they are so loved, they are such a great live band and have so many huge tunes (also the fact that they are from Manchester like myself also helped to sway me too, I’ll admit.) I’m now a fan of theirs and will no doubt be spending the next few weeks listening to them on Spotify on repeat!

Oh Wonder 

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

Oh Wonder are one of my favourite acts, Anthony and Josephine are just so talented, make such beautiful music and are also great people. After seeing them live in March, I knew to expect a great show and that’s exactly what they did. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during their set, their beautiful voices and great stage presence wasn’t affected and they still managed to blow me away just like the last time I saw them. I cannot recommend Oh Wonder enough if you like chilled, indie pop.

Alessia Cara

Processed with VSCO with p5 presetProcessed with VSCO with g3 preset

I have wanted to see Alessia live ever since I first found her a few months ago and I was gutted when I found out I missed out on tickets to her show. Therefore I was extremely excited that she was my first act that I saw all weekend at TITP and I’m so glad she was. She has such a compelling and lovable style to her songs and seems so confident and comfortable on stage. Her lovely speech about following your dreams before her performance of ‘Four Pink Walls’ really resonated with me as Alessia is only a couple of years older than me and has achieved so much. I admire her so much and I hope her success continues to grow, she of all artists deserves it so much.

Who are your favourite live acts?

Kathryn x

Favourite Albums of 2016 so far

I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it – The 1975 


This is possibly my personal most highly anticipated album release of the year so  far simply down to the fact that The 1975 have been my favourite band for years now. Their debut albums is one of my favourites and I expected the second to be just as good, if not better. The band most certainly delivered and I love the more slightly darker tone on this album compared to the first. I’d most definitely say ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ was worth the two year wait.

Favourite Songs From The Album: If I Believe You, The Ballad Of Me and My Brain, Loving Someone

Views – Drake


I think most people would agree this has been one of the best albums of 2016 so far, I mean, what’s not to love? Drake just seems to have a way with words and although I don’t listen to a great deal of R&B, I am always drawn in by Drake and I just can’t seem to stop playing Views on repeat.

Favourite Songs From The Album: Keep The Family Close, Feel No Ways, Too Good

Death Of A Bachelor – Panic! At The Disco


Although this album isn’t my favourite in the sense that I don’t love all the songs on the album and I don’t listen to it on shuffle as I do with The 1975 and Astrid, I do really love a few of the louder, pop-rock style songs, they can put me in a really good mood instantly!

Favourite Songs From The Album: Victorious, Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time, Emperor’s New Clothes, Crazy=Genius

Astrid S – Astrid S


I think I fell in love with Astrid almost instantly when I saw her perform as Troye Sivan’s support act at his gig in Manchester in April. Not only does she have an incredible stage presence, and is able to get the whole crowd going, she also has an amazing voice. Therefore when I read on twitter that she was going to be releasing an EP in May, I was extremely excited to finally be able to listen to the songs I had loved hearing live again. As expected, I love the EP and I’m so excited to see what Astrid will do in the future (hopefully an album soon!)

Favourite Songs From The Album: Paper Thin, Hurts So Good, Atic

Phase – Jack Garratt


After hearing Weathered on Radio 1 quite a while ago, I quickly became a fan of Jack due to his incredible talent to play all those instruments and still sing amazingly. Seriously, how one man can do all of that on stage is just mind blowing. His style is difficult to categorise and the album showcases a variety of genres, which I think is why I love it so much as its nothing like the other albums sat next to it in the charts. Jack is definitely on my ‘To See Live’ list and I urge you to check his music out if you haven’t already.

Favourite Songs From The Album: Breathe Life, Worry, Chemical

ANTI – Rihanna


I’ll be the first to admit I’ve never really been a fan of Rihanna or her music, and although she’s been in the charts for most of my life, I never really got it. That was until the release of ANTI in January. Unlike any of her other catchy, pop hits, this album has a dark, moody feel and doesn’t sound like the Rihanna I thought I knew before. Seen as my favourite genre of music is probably dark pop, I have grown to love this album over the past few months and I’m so glad that I decided to give it a listen.

Favourite Songs From The Album: Needed Me, Same Ol’ Mistakes, Love On The Brain

Let me know what your favourite albums of 2016  are so far!

Kathryn x

Spring/Summer Playlist

As a huge lover of music, I am always on the look out for new artists and songs to listen to, either on Spotify or SoundCloud. Throughout spring, I’ve really grown to love my new discoveries (which are from a bizarre mixture of genres!) and I’ve also recently come across some new releases that I’m certain will be on repeat all summer long. Here are my current music favourites:


Let me know what songs you have been loving recently!
Kathryn x

Favourite Songs Of January

Hi there!
I cannot believe it is February already! January seemed to go so quickly but I somehow managed to create a pretty long Spotify playlist this month, so here are my top ten picks of 2016 so far:
1) Lush Life – Zara Larsson 
2) The Sound – The 1975
As we are nearing the release of The 1975’s second album ‘I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’, their early song releases just keep getting better and better. Having listened to all three of their latest singles, ‘Love Me’, ‘UGH!’ and ‘The Sound’ being premiered on Annie Mac’s Radio 1 show, ‘The Sound’ is by far my favourite and I cannot wait to hear the album in February.
3) Middle – DJ Snake feat. Bipolar Sunshine
4) It’s Strange – Louis The Child
 The first time I heard of Louis The Child was when I found their amazing remix of Oh Wonder’s song ‘Body Gold’ on their SoundCloud. However I recently heard one of their own songs ‘It’s Strange’ and I absolutely love it and hope that they release more songs of their own soon.  
5) Rumour Mill – Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie and Will Heard
6) Her (Loving You) – Glades
Similar to Louis The Child, I also found Glades through SoundCloud by listening to their amazing cover of Troye Sivan’s Fools. I found this particular song of theirs from Connor Franta’s fourth music compilation ‘Common Culture Vol. Four’ that was released at the end of 2015,  and I instantly added it to my playlist as  Karina’s voice sounds stunning. 
7) All My Friends – Snakehips ft. Tinashe, Chance The Rapper
8) Renaissance – Steve James feat. Clarity
9) Loveblood – Sundara Karma
 This song was actually released back in November and although I had heard of Sundara Karma, it wasn’t until they came on shuffle on Spotify Radio this month that I listened to them. I love this song and I am so excited that I will be able to see them support Nothing But Thieves when I see them live in April.
10) Ocean Drive – Duke Dumont
What was your favourite song this month?
Kathryn x

Top 10 Favourite Albums of 2015

1) My Love Is Cool – Wolf Alice

My entire summer and autumn consisted of listening to Wolf Alice’s debut album on repeat and with good reason. This album is my number one favourite of last year simply due to its stunning production and vocals throughout. From the mellow sounds of ‘Silk’ and ‘The Wonderwhy’ to heavier, indie rock songs ‘Giant Peach’ and ‘ Your Loves Whore’, the album simply cannot be faulted and the variety of moods and sounds showcased throughout make it evident why it was nominated for the Mercury Prize Album of 2015.

Must Listen To: Your Loves Whore, Silk, Freazy
2) Nothing But Thieves – Nothing But Thieves
It was difficult to pick a favourite out of these albums however seen as Nothing But Thieves are my favourite band of the year, I had to have them at number two. After seeing songs from the album being performed live multiple times in 2015, most recently in Liverpool in November, I fell even more in love with the album and it has remained on repeat ever since. The album comprises of a combination of genres with mostly indie rock hits like Itch and Wake Up Call and also some softer, mellow sounding songs like If I Get High, Lover Please Stay and Tempt You.
3) Blue Neighbourhood – Troye Sivan
This is possibly my most highly anticipated album of 2015 as I have been a huge fan of Troye’s music since his debut EP, TRXYE was released in August 2014. However his sound has evidently matured since then and thus one of the best pop albums of the year was released. The haunting sounds of ‘BITE’ and ‘TOO GOOD’ are contrasted with the heart wrenching vocals in ‘TALK ME DOWN’ and ‘BLUE’ to create a mostly dark pop feel to the album. However lighter, melodic songs like ‘WILD’ and ‘YOUTH’ prove that the album isn’t strictly one genre, making the album a true masterpiece and emotional rollercoaster in the best way possible.
I also urge you to watch the emotional, tear-jerking video trilogy for the songs ‘WILD’, ‘FOOLS’ and ‘TALK ME DOWN’ as it covers some extremely important issues in today’s society surrounding LGBTQ+ youth. Watch Here
Must Listen To: WILD, FOOLS, for him. and YOUTH
4) Communion – Years & Years
This is easily one of my favourite pop albums of 2015, and I can safely say there is not one track I dislike, which is a rarity. A friend introduced me to Years & Years after she fell in love with their pop anthem ‘Desire’, and I quickly became obsessed too. After seeing their outstanding performance at VEVO Halloween in October, I was determined to see them perform again and now have tickets to see them in April. I can’t wait!
Must Listen To: Real, Eyes Shut, Gold
5) The Way Back Up – Prides
After finding Prides on SoundCloud back in 2014, I was excited to hear that they would be releasing some of their own music rather than only remixes of other artists’ songs. Stewart’s voice is a dream itself and combining that with synth pop is a wonderful mix. The album is a number of synth pop hits with some  raw, stripped back songs like ‘The Kite String and The Anchor Rope’ which truly showcase the heavenly voice behind the band.
Must Listen To: Messiah, It’s Not Gonna Change, Just Say It
6) Oh Wonder – Oh Wonder
After discovering the pop duo from London on Spotify Radio, I quickly fell in love with Oh Wonder’s soft, rhythmic pop. Anthony and Josephine’s voices sound like a dream together and after hearing their a new song each month in the run up to their album release in September, I couldn’t wait to hear the complete package with some extra previously unreleased songs, ‘Plans’ and ‘Heart Hope’, and I can definitely say it exceeded my already high expectations.
7) Badlands – Halsey
I’ll be honest in saying that I did not know much of Halsey or her music until after her album, ‘Badlands’ was released in August 2015. My sister quickly became a fan of her and her album and told me to listen myself, and after hearing ‘Roman Holiday’, I fell in love. Her honest, raw lyrics combined with a dark pop style produce the most perfect array of songs and she has quickly became my favourite female solo artist of recent years due to her honesty in her music and doing something unique compared to the majority of mainstream pop artists.

8) Young Chasers – Circa Waves
I became a fan of Circa Waves after hearing their song ‘Stuck In My Teeth’ on XFM back in the early Spring of last year and began to stalk their Spotify for new music releases. When their album was released in March I was far from disappointed with the LP of pop-rock style songs and they became the soundtrack to my summer especially with songs like ‘T-Shirt Weather’.
9) Chaos And The Calm – James Bay
After discovering James in December 2014, and becoming obsessed with his single ‘Hold Back The River’, I was so glad to see him getting the recognition he deserved when he received the award for ‘Critics Choice’ at the BRIT Awards back in February. I knew from listening to his previously released music that Chaos And The Calm would be a complete masterpiece of acoustic wonders and that’s exactly what it is. From slower, stripped back songs like ‘Clocks Go Forward Again’ and ‘Stealing Cars’ to the more upbeat, dance-worthy tunes of ‘Hold Back The River’ and ‘Best Fake Smile’, there is a song for everyone to love on the album.
10) What Went Down – Foals
After I saw Foals perform live at their surprise set at Leeds Festival in 2015, I had become even more obsessed with the band and told myself that the first thing I’d do when I got home was to listen to their new album ‘What Went Down’ in full. Since doing so, I can now say I am a true fan of the album that offers such an array of unique sounds and genres combined. Night Swimmers is definitely my favourite song from the album, however ‘A Knife In The Ocean’ is a close second, as well as ‘What Went Down’ which is definitely a head banger when I hear it on the radio frequently.
What was your favourite album of 2015?
Kathryn x

Nothing But Thieves Review

I mentioned this band in one of my last posts, and I think its safe to say that they are one my favourite bands at the moment. I was lucky enough to see them again last night (the second time in a fortnight, whoop!), and I even had a picture afterwards with Conor, the lead singer who was lovely. They are undoubtedly one of the best acts I have seen live, as they sound even better live than recorded and Conor’s vocals are always stunning.
If you haven’t heard this band already, I really recommend that you give them a listen! They are releasing their first album this spring which I am so excited about, but their released EP is very impressive. I really hope that this band does well, they genuinely deserve it.
Nothing But Thieves at Studio 2, Liverpool:

 My Photos: 
Listen to some of their songs here:
Wake Up Call:
Graveyard Whistling:
Lover, Please Stay (Live): – My Absolute Favourite!
What are your favourite bands/singers at the moment?
Kathryn x