Recent Drugstore Beauty Buys


Hi there! I feel as though its been so long since I did a post as I had some awful news a few weeks ago. I’ve decided to schedule my next few posts to ensure that my content is more regular as I get so annoyed and frustrated with myself when I don’t post for weeks.

Some of these drugstore products have been my favourites for a couple of months now however I have purposely waited to write a full post on them so that I could be more clued up on the products so that I can write honest reviews about them.

Rimmel Lasting Perfection Primer – £6.99

I’ve never really found a primer I love until I tried this! I’ve tried Smashbox and Benefit primers – neither of which I liked and did my skin absolutely no favours, but this offering from Rimmel is my perfect primer. The formula gives a dewy, glowy base for foundation and adds extra radiance to even satin and matte finish foundations. If you like a shine-free finish this won’t be one for you, but if you like a more radiant look, this may become your new favourite too.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Waterproof Mascara – £7.99

I really struggle to get along with mascara as I have really sensitive eyes that cause the majority of mascaras to run. However this £7.99 bargain is the only mascara to date that I’ve tried that is completely waterproof – this even lasted during some teary episodes I’ve had in recent weeks. The formula provides impressive volume and length too, making this one of the best drugstore mascara offerings in my opinion.

Collection Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Eyeliner – £2.99

I actually meant to buy the Fast Stroke liquid liner instead of this as I realised that was the one that had amazing reviews and not this, but this is quite good too. The felt tip like nib makes application quick and easy and the formula is impressively pigmented for only £2.99. However this does run and transfer on my watery eyes after only a few hours of wear meaning that I can’t commit to it being a new addition to my makeup bag, however for those who don’t experience sensitive/watery eyes, this is an absolute bargain.

Bourjois Contour Clubbing Eyeliner in ‘Up and Brown’ – £4.99

This is my new favourite pencil liner. I was actually going to try out one of the UD pencil liners as I’ve read really good reviews about those. Other drugstore liners that I have tried including the Soap and Glory Kohl liners ran and transferred on my eyes only an hour after application, meaning that I detest them. However this is amazing, it’s a golden brown shade that applies so easily and pairs perfectly with most eyeshadow looks and lasts all day on me without running! Hallelujah! My only gripe with this is that it fades after about 5-6 hours of wear and therefore needs a top up but this is easy enough to do so it isn’t a massive issue. 

Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry Foundation in ‘Buff’ – £12.99

I’ve had this foundation for a month or so now and I’m still undecided but somehow I’ve continued to use it everyday. To me, this foundation is so matte as I always wear dewy foundations, however this is actually a satin finish and therefore it gets rid of shine but still brightens the complexion a little and doesn’t make the face look completely flat. The medium coverage gives me enough coverage to cover redness and blemishes but I still need concealer to cover my dark circles and spots as I do with most foundations. The issue I have with this is that the foundation claims to last 24 hours and I have tested this on a few 12 hour long work days now and I can safely say this always goes patchy on my cheeks and jawline at the 8/9 hour wear mark, meaning that I’m not sure this would last well for a night out (which I’m yet to try.) Although you’d get away with this for a school day or office shift, this needs a top up around 4/5pm when applied at 8am which may not suit everyone, but for the price this is an okay option due to its good coverage.

NYX Lip Lingerie in ‘Exotic’ – £6.50

Although I’d read mixed reviews about these, I was still desperate to try them ever since I published my Drugstore Beauty Wishlist. I actually quite like this dark rose, muted red/brown shade and I’ve used it a few times now. The formula is nice to apply and glides on the lips, then dries completely matte. I understand what other bloggers have meant by saying that it’s essential you exfoliate the lips with a scrub first as although the formula is very pigmented, they do show every crack and dry patch so it’s best to have smooth lips to start with. As for wear time, the shades I’ve tried (Exotic and Beauty Mark) both last a good few hours due to them being dark shades however as soon as you eat/drink this immediately becomes patchy and a touch up is definitely needed. However for wearing for shorter periods, for 3 hours say, without eating/drinking, or for longer periods where you are able to touch up when needed, these are a great, budget option.

What are your current beauty favourites?

Kathryn x



NARS Sheer Glow Foundation Review

After running out of my Bobbi Brown Long Wear Even-Finish Foundation and MAC Mineralise Moisture Foundation, I decided it was time to try a new foundation. My skin has been quite dry recently however I still have an oily t-zone so I was looking for a foundation that would moisturise my skin whilst staying in place all day.
I had read several reviews about NARS Sheer Glow foundation and after reading about how lightweight and luminous it is, I decided to give it a try. When I visited London a few weeks ago, I visited Space NK and purchased myself a bottle and foundation pump in the shade ‘Mont Blanc’ which cost £31 for the foundation and £3 for the foundation pump. This shade was the perfect match for my skin, and I found it fairly easy to blend when using the Zoeva 102 Silk Finish brush to apply it, however I would recommend moisturising your skin first to make application easier, I use Lush’s Celestial Moisturiser.



The foundation provides light to medium coverage, dependent on how much you use, which is perfect for me as I like to wear a light layer so that my skin still looks natural and not too ‘cakey’. The finish is very glowing and radiant but is not too dewy and despite my oily t-zone, it stayed in place all day without powder which I was very impressed with!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this foundation to anyone who has dry skin or combination skin like myself as it is moisturising and dewy unlike matte finish foundations which tend to dry my skin out. Although this is a high end product and is quite expensive, I would definitely say that investing in a good foundation is advisable as it provides the base for your makeup and personally, I think, defines how your makeup will look.
Let me know what favourite foundation is!
Kathryn x

Spring/Summer Playlist

As a huge lover of music, I am always on the look out for new artists and songs to listen to, either on Spotify or SoundCloud. Throughout spring, I’ve really grown to love my new discoveries (which are from a bizarre mixture of genres!) and I’ve also recently come across some new releases that I’m certain will be on repeat all summer long. Here are my current music favourites:


Let me know what songs you have been loving recently!
Kathryn x

Lush Oxford Street Haul


I have been a huge fan of Lush Cosmetics for quite some time now, and I’m surprised it has taken me this long to finally dedicate a post to this brand. In August of last year, I visited Lush on Oxford Street in London for the first time and honestly, I felt like I was in heaven. The flagship store is bigger and better than any other Lush store I have ever shopped at and the exclusive products alone make it worth the visit. Therefore it only seemed natural to make a second visit to the store on my trip to London last week and pick up a number of goodies; both products exclusive to the Oxford Street store and products that are part of their existing range.

 Bath Bombs & Bubble Bars:
1) Cyanide Pill – £3.50
This is the one of the products I purchased that is still an exclusive at this store (in addition to Lava Lamp) and I am definitely sad about the fact I won’t be able to purchase this again until it is available in all stores. The almond oil based product not only smells divine, but also leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft and moisturised. Despite the actual effect of the bomb in water not being that impressive, I would definitely repurchase this product because of its heavenly scent alone.

2) Lava Lamp – £3.45

Lava Lamp has to be my favourite bath product out of this collection; it ticks all the boxes! First of all, it smells amazing, the orange flower, tangerine and mandarin oil create a lovely citrus scent which is my favourite type of scent for bath products and is perfect for morning baths as it is awakening and rejuvenating. Secondly, the bomb looks exactly as you would expect when dropped into water; a lava lamp. The bubbles of purple layered over the orange glitter don’t only look pretty but also do wonders for your skin as the purple parts of the bomb are citrus and olive oils which cleanse and moisturise the skin.

3) Pink Flamingo Bubble Bar – £5.95



Although this bubble bar looks very cute and has a sweet, floral scent, it is not quite as impressive as other bubble bars I have tried such as Karma. The bar creates a generous amount of bubbles and tints the water a very pretty light lilac/pink colour, however  I do think that in order to perform at its full potential, the entire bar needs to be crumbled under the running water rather than saving some of the bar for another bath as I did.

4) Big Blue Bath Bomb – £3.50

(Sorry I forgot to photograph this before I used it!)

I was a little apprehensive to try this bomb as I was not too keen on the seaweed and sea salt scent or the idea of there being seaweed floating around my bath. However I used this after a long day and found it to be incredible for easing tension and sore muscles due to its unique combination of ingredients; seaweed, sea salt, lemon oil and lavender oil. I will definitely be repurchasing this as it is perfect for a relaxing and calming bath.


My new saviour. No, I am not exaggerating, this product honestly seems to have superpowers. It is no wonder this product is the best selling product in the entire Lush range as on my first use, it cleared my skin of any breakouts, dry patches and redness in just 10 minutes. Not only did it make my skin feel incredible, it smelt wonderful too; just like a fresh mug of peppermint tea. This is definitely one of my favourite Lush products that I have ever purchased and I will definitely repurchase it when I run out.

2) Celestial Moisturiser – £12.95 for 45g


This moisturiser is absolutely amazing for leaving your skin feeling super soft and helps to protect your skin from breakouts and dryness in the long term due to its main ingredient; almonds being high in vitamin E. Although this is a little pricier than the average drugstore moisturiser, I think it performs a lot better than any other moisturiser I have ever used before and is therefore definitely worth the purchase.


What is your favourite Lush product?

Kathryn x

Essie Master Plan – Spring/Summer Nails

In the transition from winter to spring, I’ve been searching Boots and Superdrug for the perfect nail colour. Usually in spring, I would choose pastel colours like baby blue or lilac, but after testing several pastel shades that I already own, I have realised that I have become very tired of them. However when I came across Essie’s ‘Master Plan’ all my problems were solved. It is a perfect muted grey shade that goes so well with every outfit and any jewellery. One of my issues with pastel coloured nails is that I think they look odd with clothes that don’t match, and you can’t always dress accordingly to your nails!
I like to do a little manicure when I do them as I often bite them and so they need to be looked after. Firstly, I file my nails using this Soap & Glory Nail File that I received in their ‘Nail Call’ giftset at Christmas. (From here: I then buff my nails using a Nails Inc buffer that was also from a gift set.
Once my nails are shaped, I apply Soap & Glory’s Scrub + Happiness Dry Hand Smoothing Scrub which was also part of the Nail Call gift set, followed by Ciate’s ‘Love Me Oil’ as my cuticles are quite damaged. (Available here:

After this, I apply one coat of Essie’s Master Plan (Available here:, and then a top layer of Rimmel 60 Second Clear Nail Polish (Available here: to ensure that my nails don’t chip.
I then finish my nail routine using Body Shop’s Almond Hand & Nail Cream (Available here: which makes my hands much softer and smells divine too.

What’s your favourite nail shade this spring?
Let me know in the comments x