Getting University ready

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Like thousands of other teenagers across the country, I am so excited to say that I will be starting University in Liverpool this week studying History and Communications. I am so excited for university life and over the past few weeks, I’ve been making all the necessary purchases and doing all the essential preparation before I start. Home Bargains have a great affordable and varied range from pretty homeware bits to all the essentials like crockery and cleaning products to help you to get student life off to a great start, all at a great affordable price too.

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Any other stationary fanatics out there, or just me? I have a bit of a ridiculous collection of stationary but these additions are actually very practical. The vintage weekly planner (79p) is great for any other scatterbrains like me! I find that without a diary or calendar to keep me organised, I find it difficult to keep track of important dates and events as well as general ‘to-do’s’ so these type of planners are essential for me and I will definitely be putting this to use during my time at uni to keep me up to date with my deadlines. The mini highlighters (89p) and scented gel pens (Β£1.29) are also not only aesthetically pleasing in your pencil case (49p) but also very useful for any other visual learners like me who learn best from colour coding notes and keeping everything bright and neat!

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The fairy lights (Β£3.99) and photo frame (99p) are my favourites from their homeware range as they are perfect for helping me to decorate my new room at University to createΒ a more homely and cosy feel. I am planning to pin the fairy lights to my pin board around my photos, so keep an eye on my Instagram (@thestylecompulsion) for updates once my room is done!

My favourite items from the kitchen range are the mason jar and the heart shaped ice tray which is perfect for pre-drinks during freshers week! They also gifted me some apple sours which I’m sure will be put to use during drinking games! The cutlery set and pasta sauce are also essentials that are great quality and very affordable compared to other retailers.

Let me know what you’re most looking forward to at University and which of these items is your favourite!

Kathryn x